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Project Proposal
The following is a proposal for the creation and completion of College Heights Baptist Churches’ brand identity to be completed within a 5 week period remaining in the $100,000 budget.

Client Information
College Heights Baptist Church is located in Casper, WY, just around the corner from the community college. College Heights has served the community for 20 years through various ministries, programs, and community projects. This church has experienced rapid growth, growing from 200 members 5 years ago to just over 1,000 members today. This substantial growth has given College Heights many growth challenges. CHBC is very large and still does not have a brand identity. Nathlio Design Pro can meet College Heights’ need for a brand identity.

CHBC needs our design expertise because we specialize in brand identity. Your brand identity will be unique, fit your needs, and set you apart from other churches/organizations in your community. The target market is all members of the community, with emphasis on young people ages 13-25, who are seeking a positive, loving environment to grow spiritually while meeting other members of the community.

Design Components
Nathlio Design Pro believes College Heights is in need of the following design components to create their brand identity and apply it to their website, stationery, etc.

Logo Development
In order for the brand identity to be successful, Nathlio Design Pro will design a logo exemplifying College Heights Baptist Churches’ mission. The logo will be used extensively in all other design components.

Live web site with Flash (Heavy Component)
Nathlio Design Pro believes the website is the hub of the brand identity. The other design components will not only draw their concepts and inspiration from the website, but will also lead their audience to the website. This website will illustrate CHBC’s brand identity and mission.

1 Web Banner Ad (4 slides) (Light Component)
Nathlio Design Pro will design a 4 slide banner ad containing the brand identity that will be placed on several prominent community wedsites to direct surfers to CHBC’s new website.

Stationery - Both design and printed product (Light Component)
Nathlio Design Pro will create letterhead, envelopes, and business cards to employ the brand identity created for CHBC. These components will bolster the brand identity by raising the instant recognition of those they reach.

• 50,000 letterhead
• 5,000 envelopes
• 16,000 business card

200 Posters - Both design and printed product (Light Component)
Full sized posters, designed by Nathlio Design Pro, will contain general information about CHBC and its programs. The posters will be placed around town to promote the church and to further reinforce the brand identity.

1000 T-shirts - Both design and final printed t-shirts (Light Component)
The t-shirts will contain the CHBC logo, developed by Nathlio Design Pro, and will be used for promotional purposes.