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Opening Letter | Project Proposal | Business Plan | Contract | Design Style | Concepts | References

Business Plan

Week 1

• Meet with client to discuss design needs
• Research client history
• Analyze client market
• Develop timeline
• Draft budget within $100,000
• Draft a proposal and business plan
• Obtain final approval from client and sign contract
• Receive first half of payment
• Begin brainstorming of brand identity

Week 2

• Present brand identity concepts to client
• Refine concepts based on client feedback
• Design logo
• Create color scheme/identity
• Contact print companies and schedule future printing of components
• Obtain client approval for logo
• Present website concept for review
• Obtain client approval for color scheme/identity

Week 3

• Obtain approval for all design components
• Photography for web site, poster, etc. begins
• Begin website design
• Begin web banner advertisement development
• Contact vendors for web banner ad placement
• Bill second half of payment
• Review entire design up to this point for cohesiveness

Week 4

• Finish website design and present to client for approval
• Make changes to website
• Obtain approval for website
• Start work on stationery, posters, and t-shirts
• Complete web banner design and present to client for approval
• Make changes to web banner
• Obtain approval for web banner ads
• Complete stationery, poster, and t-shirt designs and present to client for approval
• Make changes to stationery, posters, and t-shirts before sending to print
• Send stationery, posters, and t-shirts to print
• Make website live

Week 5

• Receive all printed material and inspect, if mistakes are found schedule reprints to be delivered by Friday
• Ask client for any last minute corrections
• Submit website to major search engines
• Make web banner ad live on several community websites
• Deliver final printed material on/before Friday
• Have client sign off on contract, Receive second half of payment from client

Personnel needs:

Art Director
Supervises project and other personnel
Contacts client
Develops the brand identity in concept and passes concept to other personnel

Graphic Designer
Works closely with Art Director
Creates the final logo, etc. based off of Art Director’s concepts

Web Designer
Slices designs from graphic designer into usable components for website
Designs templates for website pages
Designs navigation, look, and functionality of website/banner
Optimizes photos for website display
Adds copy to all pages of website
Implements content management for future client updating

Writes copy for various design component materials, such as website

Photographs church building, individual members, and events

Printing Service
Print stationery, posters, and t-shirts
Deliver proofs and final printed material to Nathlio Design Pro

Dual core AMD Alienware Workstations with 24” LCD screens (5)
Adobe CS2 Creative Suite
Macromedia Development Suite
14 Mega pixel Sony digital camera
In house printing for proofing
General office materials

Personnel Quantity Cost
Art Director $105/hr x 60 hrs $6,300
Graphic Designer $65/hr x 110 hrs $7,150
Web Designer $75/hr x 155 hrs $11,625
Copywriter $45/hr x 70 hrs $3,150
Photographer $80/hr x 14 hrs $1,120
Overhead / Misc $50/hr x 50 hrs $2,500
Total Cost $31,845

Web Costs Quantity Cost
Hosting $1008 per year $1,008
Mail Server $650 per year $650
e-mail account -2GB per box $4 per box x 150 $600
Minimum Maintenance $1,500 per year $1,500
Train your employees to update website $45/hr x 60 hrs $2,700
Total Cost $6,458

Printing Quantity Cost
Letterhead $.20 x 50,000 $10,000
Envelopes $.25 x 5,000 $1,250
Business Cards $.11 x 16,000 $1,760
Posters $5.35 x 200 $1,070
T-Shirts $4.50 x 1000 $4,500
Total Cost $18,580

Web Banner Advertising Quantity Cost
Rocky Mountain News $2800/month x 6 $16,800
Wyoming Star Tribune $600/month x 12 $7,200
Casper Journal $150/month x 36 $5,400
Total Cost $29,400

Grand Total $86,283

Project Goals:
Nathlio Design Pro aims to create a brand identity for College Heights Baptist Church that will be easily recognized by church and community members alike while promoting the churches’ mission. We believe the brand identity will allow CHBC to attract their target market while giving their present members ownership and unity. The brand identity will be available for use beyond the goals of the projects listed in this proposal. This plan will remain well below the allotted $100,000 budget.