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Design Style
After brainstorming and researching, I have decided to go with minimalist art style with just a touch of modern art which should help define the visual style that College Heights Baptist Church is seeking. CHBC likes the minimalist style because it is simple and clean. Minimalist style art conveys a design that is both professional and direct. This type of art was definitely a good fit for building the logo. They have already given the go ahead on the logo design I have presented to them based on the style of art I have chosen. There will also be hints of modern styled art added to various designs for CHBC. The modern art style will be added and mixed with the minimalist style to add some flare to the design.

The inspiration for this Project came mostly from complete church websites. I had the client research many competing websites and give me a list of the ones they liked the most. Later in a meeting, we discussed what worked and did not work in the different designs. Finally, after combining my research with theirs and after several more meetings with the client, I narrowed down inspiration to three websites and the design used in them.

Restoration Church -

Bethany -

Lakewood Church -