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Color Palette

R: 204 C: 22% R: 63 C: 76% R: 255 C: 0% R: 0 C: 0%
G: 204 M: 12% G: 109 M: 60% G: 0 M: 99% G: 0 M: 0%
B: 153 Y: 46% B: 255 Y: 0% B: 0 Y: 100% B: 0 Y: 0%
K: 0% K: 0% K: 0% K: 0%

Reservoir Grunge
Georgia – regular font
Arial Black – regular font

Reach a new high on your spiritual path
Spiritual Growth, Community Involvement
Community Centered, Globally Minded

Finalized Logo Design

All Concepts are for the “Heavy Website Component”.

Concept 1:
This is my original concept for the web component. It is basically a web banner with a red drape with faded mountains in the background. My original ideas were great but this ends up being too busy and “in your face”.

Concept 2:
Concept two is much cleaner as it was designed around a clean layout. There is a lot more white space in these designs and should work very well for CHBC. The design directly below is the best of the series. Here are some alternative designs.

Concept 3:
Concept three is the simplest design and is quite possibly the best of the series. Simple really can be better after all. In this concept I quite literally just have the logo, bottom bar with tagline, and navigation bar.
Here are some alternative designs.